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Olympus BX61 Frame
BX-UCB Control Box
U-D6REM Motorized Nosepiece
Motorized Microscope Parts

Olympus BX61 Frame _a
USD $8,000.00


MODEL: Olympus BX61 Frame
Shipping Cost: To be determined

Olympus BX61 Frame _bOlympus BX61 Frame _cOlympus BX61 Motorized Microscope System _aOlympus BX61 Motorized Microscope System _bOlympus BX-UCB Control Box _aOlympus BX-UCB Control Box _bOlympus U-AFP1 Passive AF Sensor Unit _aOlympus U-D6REM Motorized Revolving Nosepiece _bOlympus U-D6REM Motorized Revolving Nosepiece _cOlympus U-PMTV U-SPT PE-eyepiece

General Features:

  • This ad is for a partial microscope set. It is not complete. As you can see from the images, we have pulled off standard items: head, condenser, stage, and objectives.
  • Those are all items readily available. If you want them, we can supply all of them or you can easily find them elsewhere.
  • This ad is only for the hard-to-find motorized equipment. We have searched the internet and failed to find any of these items individually sold except for the BX-UCB (price was well over USD$2k). We prefer to sell this as a set. However, we would considering selling it in individual parts.

The following items below are included:

  • Olympus model BX61TRF microscope frame. This frame has no normal power supply fitting. All the power and control is via the data cable that is ran to the external control box (BX-UCB).
  • U-LH100-3: 100W halogen lamp housing for transmitted illumination. This is mounted on the back of the frame. The lamp is powered and controlled via U-RMT extension cord to the BX-UCB box.
  • BX-UCB: BX control box.
  • This controls the motorized modules that are attached to the microscope. It has a link to the computer (not included) via an RS232C connector cable (not included). Has a built-in power supply to control transmitted and reflected halogen illumination.
  • U-AFP1: Passive Autofocusing Unit
  • This equipment will allow the unit to have steady auto focusing. It can be used with objectives from 1.25x up to 100x.
  • U-AFP1-CB: Autofocus Control Board – (Inside the BX-UCB).
  • U-HS: Hand Switch.
  • This hand switch is used by the microscopist to control various settings during the operation. Specifically, it controls the revolving nosepiece (objectives not included), the 6-position mirror illumination turret (this system not equipped with this option), and the 8-position condenser (not included).
  • U-D6REM: Motorized sextuple revolving nosepiece. Six places for objectives. Has slider slot opening for Nomarski DIC equipment.
  • U-DPT-2: Double Port Tube. To fit on top of trinocular head. Allows a port for the autofocus unit and a port for a normal photographic camera to be attached.

Parts for camera and autofocus unit to attach:

  • U-PMTV: Video port with 0.3x lens.
  • U-SPT: Single port tube – Straight photo tube.
  • PE: Photo Eyepiece. 3.3x/125.

Missing Items:

  • BX2BSW: Control Software – Missing

Equipment Condition:

  • This equipment is in good working condition. It is guaranteed to not be DOA. We are not providing any warranty on this equipment. But if it is non-functional upon arrival, we will refund your purchase price.

User Manual and Instructions:
Click this link: Olympus BX51 BX61 Microscope Brochure
Click this link: Olympus U-AFP1 Passive Autofocusing Unit – Assembly Setup Manual for BX61 BX62 Microscope