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Olympus BH2
Aplanat Achromat 1.40 Microscope Condenser

USD $450.00

Model: Olympus Aplanat Achromat 1.4 NA
Shipping Cost: To be determined


  • Olympus Aplanat Achromat Condenser. 1.4 Numerical Aperature.
  • With iris diaphragm.
  • Made in Japan. In good condition.


This substage light condenser has the highest level of aberration corrections of any that Olympus makes. It is corrected for both spherical as well as chromatic aberrations. While a simple Abbe condenser has only two lens elements, a highly corrected version like this has eight separate lenses (cemented to make two doublets and four single lenses).

The other benefit this condenser has is the high numerical aperature of 1.4. Remember that for optimal viewing resolution, the N.A. of the condenser should be equal to or slightly lower than the highest N.A. objective. Some of the really high end objectives go to 1.40 N.A. when using oil immersion. Use of this 1.4 n.a. condenser will yield the highest system resolution. But in order to achieve that, you’ll need a drop of immersion fluid on the top of this condenser lens (that goes into contact with the bottom of the specimen slide). Otherwise, the n.a. reverts to 1.0 (highest possible of any condenser in dry mode) and so the resolution is also less. But it’s fine to use it dry, as most applications would not need the extreme resolution.