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Olympus BH-2 Microscope
Super Wide Field Trinocular Head

Olympus BX61 Frame _a
USD $475.00

Model: Olympus BH-2 Microscope Super Wide Field Trinocular Head
Shipping Cost: To be determined

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  • Super Wide Field Trinocular Head.
  • Fits Olympus BH-2 series Microscopes.
  • This uses the incredible SWHK 10X, super wide 26.5 Field number eyepieces. Nothing else has that field number size.
  • Eyepieces are NOT includes.
  • List price for head is over $3500.
  • Item is in excellent condition.
  • This is a rare, hard to find item. If you are looking for a nice upgrade to your BH-2, then here it is.
  • This also gives you the trinocular photography port where digital USB camera equipment can be attached.
  • Trinocular light settings for sending light to the camera port: 0/100%, 80/20%, and 100/0%.
  • Includes Parts ONLY as shown in photos.