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Nikon E400 Eclipse
Upright Microscope
Fluorite Lenses
Phase Contrast
Trinocular Photography Head

USD $3,800.00

MODEL: Nikon E400
Shipping Cost: To be determined

Trinocular Head:

  • Trinocular viewing head, with photography port.
  • Does not include any camera equipment but has the necessary top trinocular port where attachments can be made.
  • Pair of CFI 10x/22 eyepieces


  • 5-Place Nosepiece.
  • High Quality Fluorite Lenses. These objective lenses are very expensive.
  • All lenses are Phase Contrast.
  • Plan Fluor 10x / 0.30, Ph1, DLL, Infinity/0.17, W.D. 16.0mm.
  • Plan Fluor 40x / 0.75, Ph2, DLL, Infinity/0.17, W.D. 0.72mm.
  • Plan Fluor 100x /1.30 Oil, Ph3, DLL, Infinity/0.17, W.D. 0.20mm.


  • Phase Contrast Condenser.
  • Settings for: Brightfield, Darkfield Dry, and three phase contrast annuli Ph1, Ph2, Ph3.
  • N.A. 0.90.

General Specifications:

  • Low Position XY mechanical stage.


  • Halogen Illuminator.
  • Includes bulb.

Frame Markings:

  • Made in Japan.
  • 100V / 120V.

General Notes:

  • Only includes what is shown in the photos.
  • Microscope is in good condition. We guarantee all functions work fine.