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Leica DMLS
Ergonomic Inclinable Head
Binocular Microscope

Olympus BX61 Frame _a
USD $1,250.00

Shipping Cost: To be determined

Olympus BX61 Frame _bOlympus BX61 Frame _bOlympus BX61 Frame _bOlympus BX61 Frame _bOlympus BX61 Frame _bOlympus BX61 Frame _bOlympus BX61 Frame _bOlympus BX61 Frame _b


  • 5X: N PLAN 5X/0.12, /-/A. 506087. Germany.
  • 10X: N PLAN 10X/0.25, /-/A. 506084. Germany.
  • 20X: N PLAN 20X/0.40, /0.17/D. 506096. Germany.
  • 40X: N PLAN 40X/0.65, /0.17/D. 506097. Germany.


  • Ergonomic Inclinable Binocular Head.
  • Pair of 10X/21B High eyepoint for use with eyeglasses.Each with diopter adjustments.
  • Interpupillary adjustment.

General Specifications:

  • Quintuple 5-Place Nosepiece.Room for one more objective to be added.
  • Condenser.P 0.85 S1.
  • Koehler field diaphragm.
  • Low Position XY stage slide movement, right hand configuration.
  • Fine and Coarse focusing knobs.

Frame Markings:

  • Leica Type 020-518.500 DM/LS III/98.
  • 115/230V, 50-60 Hz. 40VA.
  • CE and UL Certification.
  • Made in Germany