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Leica DM1000
Research Laboratory
ErgonomicInclinable Head
Medical Microscope

Leica DM1000 Microscope
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MODEL: Leica DM1000
Shipping Cost: To be determined


Viewing Binoculars:

  • Binocular head.
  • Ergonomic and inclinable.Easy to adjust to different angles to fit different individual user’s needs.
  • Eyepiece Set:  Pair of HC Plan 10x / 20high eyepoint eyepieces.  Part number 507802.Includes rubber cupping eyeguards.


  • 10x – Hi Plan 10x / 0.25.  Infinity/-.  Ph1 (Phase contrast).Leica Part Number 506230.
  • 20x – Hi Plan 20x / 0.40.  Infinity/0.17.Ph1 (Phase contrast).Leica Part Number 506239.
  • 40x – Hi Plan 40x / 0.65.  Infinity/0.17.Ph2 (Phase contrast).Leica Part Number 506240.
  • 5-Place Nosepiece.  (Note: can add two more objectives).


  • Part Number 501159.
  • Settings:  Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, BF, DF.
  • Capable of phase contrast (3 annuli), brightfield, and darkfield microscopy techniques.
  • Iris Diaphragm.
  • Includes two centering screws (allen head wrenches) for centering phase annuli.
  • Includes a phase telescope (not by Leica) that works great in examining the back aperature plane of the objective for use in aligning phase annuli.

General Specifications:

  • DLF slide-out filter below condenser.
  • Autovoltage 90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz.


  • 12V-30W Halogen Illuminator.
  • Fast change-out slider tray to quickly access the bulb.

General Notes:

  • Microscope is in good condition.  We guarantee all functions work fine.


  • Click here to view the factory brochure.