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We are a qualified optical company serving hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and universities with their microscope needs. Our professional organization consists of trained microscopists who know and understand the different types of applications that medical labs have. Our goal is to provide you the lowest cost price for medical equipment that suits your needs.

We have been selling both new (China made) and reconditioned (Made in Japan and Germany) optical equipment for years. Our generic models are a great low-priced option suitable for many applications.

If you need the highest quality, we have a great selection of brand names like Olympus, Zeiss, Leica, and Nikon to fill your needs. These are the top of the line units. They are used, but many are in as-new shape, some simply being demo units that dealers used. All should function like a brand new unit. Providing you this equipment is our way to match our company policy which is providing the best equipment to meet our customer's needs and at the lowest price around.

If we carried only the new Chinese models, we would not be your complete solution, as some diagnostics in clinical labs require the highest resolution and best color correction in the optics. For demanding applications like that, where a person's health is depending on a correct diagnosis, we would recommend one of our Japanese made Olympus medical microscopes with UPlanFl fluorite or UPlanApo (highest color correction) objective lenses.

Our company is here to serve your needs. Please contact us today so we can better understand your application and make a good recommendation, all while saving you lots of money over what others