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40-1600X Compound Biological
Trinocular Microscope +Case
W/ Prepared Slides Kit
+ Usb Digital Capture Camera
+ Live Motion Video Ccd Camera

40-1600X Compound Biological Trinocular Microscope_00
USD $1,329.98

ITEM CODE: mi0049000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 49.98

  • If you want only a Cheap Student Grade, You’ve Got the Wrong Ad.
  • This has the Higher Grade, More Expensive PLAN Objectives for Optimal Quality!
  • Great for Doctors, Veterinarians, Medical Technicians, Scientists, Research Labs.
  • We have sold many Microscopes, and have noticed that Doctors unfortunately select the lower grade, cheaper units. They return them for refund. A $200 unit is not going to match the quality of a $5000 brand name scope. However, this scope is a much higher grade unit, and should meet the needs of a Doctor. This is the recommend unit for medical purposes. We guarantee it will perform well.
  • Excellent Bright and Clear Images through High Quality Optics.
  • Compare to Similar Units costing $3500+ with name brands!

Special Features

  • Unique Ability to have Image in Both Oculars and Photo Port Simultaneously. This is Perfect for Training as the Binocular Eyepieces can be viewed by the Instructor, and Everybody Else can Watch the Viewing Screen. Most Trinocular Scopes lose light in one ocular when light is diverted to the photo port. This scope has the ability for 100% of light in both oculars, or divert light and get 20% light in oculars and 80% in trinocular.

Camera Equipment Included

  • Total Video – Photography Solution! Includes two cameras! Get a USB computer connected color digital microscope camera plus a CCD video camera for NTSC analog output to a TV. This is an incredible deal as these cameras are normally sold separately for hundreds of dollars. They are fully integrated into the microscope so you don’t need to waste time trying to figure out what accessories may be needed for video or photography.
  • Includes the required photography accessories such as phototube and c-mount for attaching each different camera. The included expensive accessories are normally sold separately.
  • Camera #1: USB Camera for Connection to Computer!
  • Reduction Lens System built into the camera. This lens system is important to give a more realistic image that isn’t too magnified.
  • Capture Live Full Motion Digital Video!
  • Capture Stunning 640×480 and 320×240 Pixel Digital Still Images!
  • Simple to Use. Plug Camera into Your Computer’s USB Port, Load the Software, and You’re Taking Images!
  • Great for Viewing Specimens and Displaying on a Computer!
  • Everything You Need: Microscope, Camera, Easy-to-Use Windows Capture and Editing Software, USB Cable. You Provide Only the Computer.
  • Camera #2: Video Microscopy Solution! CCD Color Video Camera with NTSC (or PAL is desired) format