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Nikon E400 Eclipse
Dual Viewing Heads
Teaching Microscope

Nikon-E400-Eclipse-Dual-Head-No-Pointer-One-Inclinable-head1Product Overview:

Two Headed Multi-View attachment allows both student and teacher to look at same time.

Main head (teacher) has the ergonomic variable inclination binocular head.

Student head is a fixed inclination.

Total power of magnification is 40x, 100x, and 400x.

Has NO arrow pointer system.

Made in Japan.

Model: Nikon E400 Eclipse
Shipping Cost: To be determined

Price: USD $3500

Nikon E400 Eclipse
Ergonomic Head
Biological Microscope

Nikon E400 EclipseProduct Overview:

Excellent clinical and medical instrument.

Includes Plan objectives with 4x, 10x, 40x magnifications.

Total power of imaging is 40x, 100x, 400x.

Turret for nosepiece/objectives holds up to five.

Model: Nikon E400 Eclipse
Shipping Cost: To be determined

Price: $3000

Nikon E400 Eclipse
Upright Microscope
Fluorite Lenses
Phase Contrast
Trinocular Photography Head


Model: Nikon E400

Shipping Cost: To be determined

Price: USD $,3800

40-1600X Trinocular Compound
High Power Microscope
Case + Prepared Slides Kit
+ Digital Image Usb Camera
+ Ccd Live Motion Video Camera

40-1600X Trinocular Compound_00Product Overview:

High Quality Professional Compound Trinocular Microscope!

Great for Doctors, Veterinarians, Breeders, Medical Students, Schools, Scientists, Research Labs.

ITEM CODE: mi0048000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: To be determined

Price: USD $1,029.98

40-100-250-400-100X High Power
Compound Light Microscope
High Intensity 50W Halogen
W/ Digital Image Camera System
W/ Ccd Video Camera + Case

Product Overview:

Superior Quality Professional Trinocular Doctor's Microscope!

NOT Student Grade! This is a More Expensive Professional Grade!

If you want only a Cheap Student Grade, You've Got the Wrong Ad.

This has the Higher Grade, More Expensive PLAN Objectives for Optimal Quality!

ITEM CODE: mi0027000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: To be determined

Price: USD $1,179.98

100X - 400X Inverted Trinocular
Tissue Culture Microscope
W/ Phase Contrast Capability
+ 3Mpixel Usb Digital Camera
+ Stagemicrometer W/Reticle

Product Overview:

High Quality Professional Trinocular Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope!

Research Grade Performance with Highly Advanced Features and Optics!

Ideal for Tissue Culture and Cellular Biology!

ITEM CODE: mi0012000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: To be determined

Price: USD $1,864.98

40X - 1600X Magnification
Trinocular Compound Microscope
Larger 30Mm Eyetubes
Infinity Corrected Optics
Case + Cameras + Slides

40X - 1600X Magnification Trinocular Compound Microscope_00Product Overview:

Superior Quality Infinity Corrected Professional Compound Trinocular Microscope!

ITEM CODE: mi016a000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: To be determined

Price: USD $1,029.98

40-1600X Compound Biological
Trinocular Microscope +Case
W/ Prepared Slides Kit
+ Usb Digital Capture Camera
+ Live Motion Video Ccd Camera

40-1600X Compound Biological Trinocular Microscope_00Product Overview:

Superior Quality Professional Trinocular Doctor's Microscope!

NOT Student Grade! This is a More Expensive Professional Grade!

ITEM CODE: mi0049000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 49.98

Price: USD $1,329.98

Model BX40
Biological Microscope

Olympus-BX40-Ergo_BiologicalProduct Overview:

Complete set of Plan infinity corrected objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x (oil immersion).

Gives these magnifications with the 10x eyepieces: 40x, 100x, 200x, 400x, and 1000x.

Special variable inclination angle binocular head. Ergonomic design reduces clinician's fatigue from poor posture due to non-optimal eyepiece positioning.

Model: Olympus BX40
Shipping Cost: To be determined

Price: $3,400

Welcome to Medical Microscopes Dot Com!

Looking for a medical microscope for your hospital or medical clinic? Shocked at the high prices your local dealer gave you? You have come to the correct store for buying high quality optics at discount prices. We sell several models for you to select from. All have high grade objective lenses capable of imaging bacteria, blood parasites, sperm, and tissue specimens.

Need a general good quality unit? We provide several Chinese made models. These will be good enough for most instances. They are the best that are made in China. They are all brand new. If the best Chinese quality is still not good enough, and the application needs high-end color corrected optics for diagnostics, then we have Zeiss, Olympus, and Leica brand microscopes. These are refurbished units, as we are not an official dealer for these brands. However, your savings is incredible compared to calling up your local dealer and getting a price on a brand new unit.

We sell our products to a wide variety of clients including clinical testing labs, hospitals, veterinary clinics, medical school labs, and pre-med students. Our equipment has superior quality illumination for the best quality medical imaging of biological specimens. We have 30W and 50W high intensity halogen bulbs. We also have the Koehler illumination field diaphragms for optimal focusing of the light for the best imaging. The objectives are the higher grade Plan versions that produce a flat field free of image distortion at the outer edges. While low power applications don't require optimal lighting and the best lens, when using the 100x high power objective, it is important.

Need phase contrast microscopy? We have equipment for viewing unstained medical and biological specimens under phase contrast imaging techniques. We also have both upright and inverted models. The inverted objectives are typically used in viewing tissue cultures. All of our instruments have the normal brightfield transmitted light capability for typical viewing of stained specimens. If you need fluorescence microscopy capability, we can provide that also. We also carry darkfield units for viewing live blood. Need video imaging and digital still image capture on your imaging equipment? We have several medical grade cameras for digital capture of both video and still pictures. Our units have the trinocular port option for having dedicated video and photography equipment mounted on the top.

Whatever your needs are for a medical microscope, we encourage you to contact us today. We have a skilled team of professionals who are happy to discuss your particular application and how our products will fit your needs. We are a discount retailer, so we also can beat the price of any of our competition. We look forward to discussing your hospital and clinical equipment needs today.